Our Teak Plants are produced using tissue culture techniques, which helps to ensure that the plants are genetically uniform and free from diseases. The resulting plants are healthy, disease-resistant, and have a high yield potential.

Shivdoothi Biotech Pvt. Ltd.'s Teak Plants are known for their uniform growth and high-quality wood. They are suitable for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions, where teak is commonly grown.

The tissue culture technique used by Shivdoothi Biotech Pvt. Ltd. involves growing Teak Plants in a sterile environment, which helps to eliminate pests and diseases. The plants are grown from selected elite mother plants, ensuring that the resulting plants have desirable traits, such as high yield, disease resistance, and good wood quality.

In addition, Shivdoothi Biotech Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of Teak Plant varieties, including Tissue Culture Teak Clone-1, which is known for its high growth rate and straight stem, and Tissue Culture Teak Clone-8, which is known for its high yield and good wood quality.

Overall, Shivdoothi Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable source for high-quality tissue culture Teak Plants. If you're interested in cultivating teak, their plants can help you achieve successful cultivation and high yields.