It Consists of artificial bitterant use to control remove and replace all type of insects and pets. It is 400 times bitter than Neem so very small quantities can solve problems. Its active ingre-dients do not presist in the environment,it break-down within fortnight so safe our vegetative product from harmfull chemical pesticides. Its bittemess nature can control all types of insect damages. This product will controll insect pets such as Lepidopteran caterpillars, Gypsy moth caterpillar, diamondback moth larvae, mealy bugs mites and whitefly.

Direction to Use :

1. Shake well the Neem oil Bottle Before using.

2. Take 1 lit. of water then add4-5 ml

3. Spray the Neem Oil Mixer all Parts ofthe Plants Including Underside of the leaves until completely wet.