Shivdoothi Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a company based in India that specializes in the cultivation and processing of coconut plants. The company is known for its expertise in coconut plant tissue culture and has developed several high-yielding varieties of coconut plants. 

Shivdoothi Biotech's coconut plant varieties are known for their high yield, resistance to pests and diseases, and adaptability to different climatic conditions. Some of the popular varieties developed by the company include the Dwarf Green, Dwarf Orange, and Tall varieties. Apart from coconut plant cultivation. These products are made from high-quality coconuts and are processed using advanced technology to retain their natural flavor and nutritional properties.

Overall, Shivdoothi Biotech is a leading player in the coconut plant cultivation and processing industry in India, and its focus on innovation and quality has helped it establish a strong reputation in the market.