Description: D-Gold Plus is a plant-based bio-stimulant that enhances the quality of soil, cleanses it, and increases its fertility. It also improves the plant's hormone production capacity and helps to enhance the color, quantity, size, and taste of crops. It strengthens the plant's ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions. Additionally, it also helps the crop to mature quickly.

Pack Size: 20kg


  • Increases  growth of plant roots and number of branches.
  • Improves plant vigour, flower and fruit retention.
  • Improves yield quality, maturity and quantity.

Recommended Crops: Paddy, Tea Garden, Wheat, Potato, Sugarecane, Cucumber, Sunflower, Peanut, Chilly, Pulses, Flowers and all other Vegetables, Fruits Crops.

Application rate: 12-16 kg per acre.