Shivdoothi Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a company based in India that specializes in the cultivation and propagation of lemon plants. The company has a well-equipped facility for the production of high-quality lemon plants using tissue culture propagation technology.

The lemon plants produced by Shivdoothi Biotech are known for their high yield, disease resistance, and adaptability to different climatic conditions. The company has developed several varieties of lemon plants that are well-suited for commercial cultivation, including Eureka, Lisbon, and Meyer lemon varieties.

Apart from lemon plant cultivation, Shivdoothi Biotech also offers a range of services related to tissue culture propagation of lemon plants, including consultancy, training, and technical support. The company has helped many farmers and entrepreneurs in India and abroad to establish profitable lemon plantations using tissue-cultured plants.

Shivdoothi Biotech also offers a range of lemon-based products such as lemon juice, lemon concentrate, and lemon oil. These products are made from high-quality lemons and are processed using advanced technology to retain their natural flavor and nutritional properties.